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Presenting the 360 degree Online Homeschool Programme

For Age Group: 2 to 12 year old(Playgroup to Grade 5)

The Complete Online Learning Platform for Kids

Now give the most engaging learning experience to your child...at your home !

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    You take care of the SAFETY of your children. We will take care of their EDUCATION.

    Dear Parents,

    Welcome to EduMAX- One of the World’s Best Online Learning Platforms for Kids (Preschool, KG & Primary Children!)
    EduMAX is a complete, interactive, multi-sensory, hands-on curriculum, online learning and socialization programme for 2-12 years-old children that helps develop critical thinking, problem-solving skills, stimulates creativity, curiosity and imagination in children, all while having loads of fun!
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    Online Preschool is the Only Way to Ensure Your Child's Learning doesn’t get disturbed!

    So - Avoid COVID, Not Online Learning for Kids!

    What Makes us the Best Online School in India?

    awarded online schooling

    Award-Winning Curriculum

    Online craft classes for kids

    Experienced Facilitators

    4 Lakh Alumni

    360 degree Development of the Child

    Powered by India's first Preschool Franchise Chain


    EduMAX Academic Programme

    Ensuring Children Reach the Same Academic Milestones without going to school!

    EduMAX “After-School” Fun Camp

    Building the Life Skills Important for Holistic Development

    EduMAX Combo

    360 Development Programme for the Child and Savings for the Parents!

    Programme Features

    Holistic Homeschool Curriculum

    Theme-based Learning Activities

    Online Assignments and Worksheets

    Hands-on Activities

    Best online play school at home

    Tons of follow-up Activity Sheets

    Activity-based virtual classes

    Structured Lesson Plan

    Daily Online Sessions


    • A comprehensive learning kit for high-quality engagement

    • Recorded sessions held by Expert Teachers which can be viewed later

    • Weekly Counselling session with our Expert Panel

    • Assessment tracker to keep a tab on your child's growth and progress

    • Story-telling sessions to spark the creative senses

    • Activities to keep your child constructively engaged from 9 AM to 9 PM


    What Makes us the Best Online Private School?

    Full Day Learning Programme

    Live Classes

    Recorded Videos

    Family Time Activities

    Hands-on Activities


    Concept Based Worksheets

    STEAM Activities

    Story Telling Sessions

    Parenting Programmes

    Online Learning Resources

    Virtual Trips



    Health Sessions by Doctors

    Virtual Tours

    So, are you thinking how will this Online Homeschool Curriculum benefit your child?

    In many ways... Your child will:

    If you don’t Enroll your little ones for our Online Classes for Kids:

    Still Unsure if you should enroll your children in online classes?

    Well - If you don’t, they may face Behavioural Problems

    Let your Child make friends with Classmates from across the World.

    Currently, students from the following countries are studying with us at our International Virtual School!

    South Africa

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