2 years to 10 years i.e Play group to Grade Vth.

Online classes are very beneficial for young children as in these growing up years, they listen & observe more , which helps them to learn in a faster mode.
They repeat all the things when they see other kids of the same age are doing exactly what the teacher is asking them to do. Young children learn by imitation, which is an essential part of early interactions as it allows children to coordinate actions with their teachers and peers.

It’s a new platform for small kids but they are smart enough to understand everything as they are more tech savvy now, way more than older people. It’s just that we need to be regular & have patience with beginners so that in a few days they will get habitual to face the screen. Our accomplished educators have been trained for the online medium. They teach with great enthusiasm and bring tremendous energy to each virtual class they take! You’ll be impressed to see your little one learning and make a connection, all while having a great time!

We suggest that either one of the parents/ any guardian accompany the child to motivate him/her so that the child is more attentive in the online sessions. Parents are a child’s first teachers and need to assist their preschooler through various activities. If the parents supervise the child and show their involvement, the child learns with greater enthusiasm.

Considering children’s eye health, we have online sessions at different timings with a proper break time so that screen time gets reduced & comfortable for our young kids. Moreover, we encourage children to look away from the screen after regular intervals and do eye exercises to give their eyes a break.

It’s depends on 2 factors:-
One is according to age & second is how much the child has covered previously at home.
This will help us to guide you and get your child enrolled for the right class.

EduMAX fee payments are very quick & easy through online payment – options will be given to you like net banking, credit card, debit card, Paytm etc.

Opting EduMAX classes for your child will benefit you the most as whenever the offline schools start, you can find out the nearest SHEMROCK or SHEMFORD school branch & continue your child’s classes there with the same curriculum & study material. Moreover, whenever physical school starts, in all probability, schools will have a combination of offline and online education. So, it is important to get your child accustomed to virtual classes.

Yes, it is possible as these classes will continue for the entire year.

If the child missed the class, we provide you with the video recording of that particular day. Moreover, we have regular recapitulation classes for our kids so that previous topics will be easily covered.

Don’t worry, we always provide you with a tentative list of stationery which you can keep with you in sufficient quantity. We also try to give alternative options. In case you cannot arrange for any of the listed items you can always substitute it with things available at home.

Yes, your child will get the completion certificate of the respective class from EduMAX -powered by SHEMROCK & SHEMFORD Group of Schools.

First of all, a transfer certificate is required in higher classes, not pre classes.
If still required by any school, you can provide a completion certificate of EduMAX to the school with the Application for consideration as none of the schools reject the Home school learning of the child as per the Govt. Guidelines.

You can contact us at +919599936398,+919560559955 for the right guidance.

Yes, we can arrange a demo class for your child so that you can get real-time experience of our live interactive classes.

The best thing about EduMAX is that you need to pay for only what you choose. You can hand-pick Please get in touch with us on call / whatsapp msg to get free of cost counselling by our professionals.

We have an offline programme also in which your child gets the structured content through Google Classroom which will be followed at your end. You get access to engaging activities and worksheets to keep your child constructively engaged from 9 to 9.

Yes, we have an after-school EduMAX program in which we have different skill development activities.

We use Zoom and Google Classrooms.The links we use to join our online classroom are exclusive to our enrolled children, so that nobody else can access the online classroom. Plus, our online classroom is monitored by a teacher at all times when in use.

We have a low teacher to student ratio of 16:1 to give students personalized attention which is required even more during online classes.

2 sessions of 45 mins each, Monday to Friday

Assessment is taken online where children answer the questions on the assessment sheet in front of the teacher in the live classes.

No. We don’t give a Report Card. We use a very positive & constructive test grading system that rates the performance of a child as either ‘Emerging’, ‘Evolving’ or ‘Empowered’, rather than the usual poor, fair or good as used in the grading system.

Our online classes are live and completely teacher and parent assisted. It’s not just any online pre-recorded content but a close to real pre-school experience for children. This is a Home School Learning experience no child should miss.

There are all types of children. Our virtual school program brings out the best in every child. Our teachers are well experienced and look forward to every class to give children a wonderful learning experience!

Not really! Even a Smart Android Mobile will do. You need not necessarily have a tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

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