EDUMAX's award winning learning model ensures success in your child's learning journey through its multi-faceted educational activities and approach.

ENGAGE Little Learners

Childhood is a time for fun and learning. We provide an online learning platform for kids where their minds are sharpened, energy channelized and potential-fully developed through a variety of purposeful activities. Our virtual learning program is "Play Oriented". Through these play activities, children learn to make their own decisions and discoveries. We encourage creativity with activities like painting, rhyming, singing, clay modelling, block building, fancy dress, etc.

EXPLORE New Possibilities

To keep children constructively engaged at home and to make sure learning never stops for them, activities are shared with the parents on a daily basis. The activities are specially curated to unlock children's learning and growth even in the confines of their home, helping them explore new possibilities. Turning their home into laboratories, classrooms and playgrounds, children can continue their online learning journey from the safety of their home.

EXPAND the Horizons

EduMAX provides unlimited worksheets and activities, apart from online class activities for preschoolers to expand their understanding from the initial exploration stages. Children actively participate in the class activities and grow and learn in a natural way, just as they would in a regular school.

EMPOWER Young Minds

EduMAX’s self-paced learning model empowers children to pick up concepts at their own pace. It helps in improving their decision making skills and problem solving abilities, and shed their inhibitions to outperform themselves.

Online learning for kids is now just a click away!

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